Friday, December 10, 2010

Bullet Points

**Still don't have my Christmas decorations up--I'm thinking that's at the top of my to-do list this weekend.  I've been putting it off since I'm sure Jackson will have happy hands.

**I did actually start my Christmas shopping this week (yes, I always put off the shopping!).

**Clayton's highlight of the week was going to eat sushi with Daddy today.  He has talked about it non-stop and was so emotional when their little field trip ended.

**Went bowling today and as usual, Clayton scored high!

**Clayton was having some "checking out" moments this week after our long day Tuesday.  Met with our neurology nurse practioner and we decided to be proactive and up his seizure meds.  He'll have another EEG once we reach the new dose.  Spent the whole day Wednesday sick to my stomach--just worrying about and praying for his little brain.

**We'll spend this weekend preparing for and attending Clayton and Jackson's Christmas program at church.  Jackson on stage should be interesting!


Patti H said...

Oh I hope the new meds will take control and help our little man. Oh and the decorations and Jackson go with it Ashley and take lots of photos Jackson is going to love all the holiday hoopla. Enjoy the season Ashley!! Can't wait to see the photos with the boys from their concert

Cheri Pryor said...

Hope Clayton is on the mend soon and feeling like his old self. Well, young self. Well, previous self. You know what I mean. Looking forward to picture of Jackson in the tree "helping" with things. lol!!