Sunday, December 05, 2010

18 Months (+2 Days)

Can you tell he is about to fall asleep in this picture?  He had had enough of picture taking on this afternoon . . . luckily he held out in order for us to get a family photo done!

Where do I start with how much Jackson is changing?  He literally discovers new things each day!  By far, he spends most of his time these days walking around asking "wherediditgo?" and "dereitis!"  (Hoping I get a video of this soon!)  He is still into dancing and snapping with any music and literally starts the happy dance when I get his favorite snack out.  He is starting to "help" with Clayton.  On his own, he went and got kleenex and came and wiped Clayton's nose the other night.  Clayton thought it was hilairious!  He even took it upon himself to help me with the other end of things with the wipees--he couldn't get that I really didn't want his help with that task!

He still loves anything electronic, but in the end no matter what the object is, it becomes a phone for him.  He walks around talking to somebody--I'm thinking he's watched his daddy way too much! 

The climbing has only gotten worse . . . he is on the kitchen table before I know it, and has even made it to the the kitchen counters.  If there isn't a way to get higher, he just moves his toys and Clayton's chair until he has a homemade ladder.  He knows how to open the dishwasher and I battle this CONSTANTLY.  So wishing I had a lock on my dishwasher door!

He is still going to sleep great with our new routine, but he prefers the toddler bed over the crib.  (My kids just must be allergic to cribs!)  I don't care which bed he chooses, just as long as he sleeps! 

In general, I spend most days thinking "what activity can we do that will expend the most energy out of Jackson?"  His preferred activity is a good old-fashioned wrestling match!  Whoever is in the floor gets tackled non-stop by Jackson and the rougher you play, the happier he is.  All boy, he is!

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Patti H said...

awww this post made me smile. Love to hear how Jackson is doing.