Thursday, May 18, 2006

Woman of the Night

Well, not that kind of woman. More just like a nightowl. Definitely a problem when you have a husband who has to get up early and a son who won't go to sleep unless you lay down with him (and he NEEDS to get sleep since he has therapy every morning). I find myself getting all fired up about 9:00 pm--it doesn't matter what time I got up in the morning or if I laid down for a nap with Clayton--I just am meant to be nocturnal. I wish my sleep time could be from about 2/3 in the morning to 11am. That would be a perfect schedule for me! But since Clayton's therapists GET HERE at 11am, that wouldn't be good. They probably think I'm so lazy because I am still in my PJs when they get here! But I do use the time they are here wisely--I take my shower and get ready in peace instead of with Clayton watching.
I just wish I could go to bed and not sit there and think of every single thing I could be doing instead of laying in bed. Brian and Clayton are snoring and I'm wanting to go run the vacuum or scrap ten pages! Maybe someday I'll be so tired, I will be able to hit the pillow and fall asleep, but I don't see it happening real soon.


Kelli said...

too funny I wish i could stay up to finish scrapbook pages or read...oh how i lvoe to read but I can never do it...I start and finish a sentence then fall back asleep. UGH>

Nancyroo said...

I fall asleep fast! I don't think the therapists think you are lazy. They know that it's your only time "off." I'm sure they are glad to be of help to you.

Jess said...

You're not the only one, girlie! I'm such a nightowl...It always seems that my brain functions better after 10pm! :-)