Friday, May 26, 2006

The Big Picture

After a long struggle with Barnes and Noble (which is another blog topic altogether), I finally got my hands on this book by Stacy Julian. And I'm lovin' it!

When I started scrapping, I did it totally alone. It wasn't until I went to crops with my friends that I realized that many scrappers have a list of "rules" for their scrapbooking. I definitely have some different views when it comes to scrapping and this is why I like Stacy's philosophy so much. I've only read the first chapter, but I've already said "Amen" about a hundred times in my head! Scrapbooking is supposed to be about the memories, not the design. If someone looks at your scrapbooks in thirty years, will they know you or will they just know that you had a birthday party every year?
I'm just skimming the surface and I can't wait to do more reading.


Kelli said...

OMG girl you are finally reading the SCRAPBOOK bible! I love that book! I'm taking Stacy's class on starts next week....I am more of a stacy fan than Elsie...shhhhh don't tell. ;)

Oscar T. Grouch said...

You will have to keep me updated on the rest of the book.

Beth said...

Girl I have been thinking about that book, let me know how it is, you might convince me yet!