Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Step Up Your Scrapbooking!

Are all your pages starting to look the same? Are you tired of recycling the same old ideas? Then this class is for you! By putting a creative twist on regular embellishments, we will put some punch into your pages.
Our first class will be Step Up Your Titles
What you will need to bring: paper trimmer, adhesive, archival safe black pen, craft knife
What you will leave with: three pages ready for photos and lots of new ideas for your titles
So this is the little blurb that will be sent out to the patrons of my LSS. I'm so hoping she gets a good response--I want these classes to be a hit. Keep your fingers crossed for me! (For you local scrapbookers, the class will be Tuesday, June 13, so I'll be expecting you to sign up!)


LesleMora said...

Good luck Ashley!!! Sounds like fun!

Kelli said...

Good luck girly :) Sounds like fun :)

Nancyroo said...

Sounds great! I wanna go! And, btw, Tag! you're it! (See my blog for details)