Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day Recap

I had a great Mother's Day yesterday. We went to church and they were celebrating both Mothers and babies. They introduced all the babies from 0-3 years. When Clayton's name was called I met him and Brian in front (I was sitting in the choir) and Clayton got very upset when he saw me--he had his bottom lip stuck out the whole time we were in front--it was so cute! He got really upset when I went back to the choir and they went back to their seats. During the prayer, I heard him holler "MOMMA!" I looked up and me and Brian just looked at each other and laughed! During the preaching he wanted to cuddle with me the whole time--maybe he secretly knew it was Mother's Day and he wanted to spend some major quality time with me! At any rate, it made my day simply because he usually only wants Brian in big crowds. He was all about Momma yesterday.
After lunch at McAlisters (which was so nice since Brian has been working entirely too much lately), we came home and took our usual nap and then got fired up for the survivor finale. Jamie and Allison and my parents came over for dinner--the finale was a big letdown simply because the people we were rooting for got knocked out at the end. Oh well, such is the life of a reality TV watcher.
Not much planned for today, but tonight we have a special band practice. Our drummer and family are moving to Arizona to start a church on a reservation. We are using tonight's practice to have a little party for him. He is such a wonderful man and a great drummer--we will miss him.

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