Thursday, May 25, 2006

"Africa Hot"

That's a direct quote from our friend Russ who lives in Philadelphia--he was describing our wonderful summer weather here in Arkansas. We usually have two seasons--rainy and HOT. We were spoiled these last few weeks with actual spring like weather. It was so beautiful and the temperatures were great. But this week we're back to the same old Arkansas heat. We've had record setting temperatures. Last night at 9:00 it was 85 degrees. Add that to the enormous amount of humidity we have and you get YUCK. To celebrate this wonderful weather we're having, Clayton and I are off to run errands. I'm sure we'll work up a good sweat.


Nancyroo said...

LOL! The term "Africa hot" comes from Biloxi Blues. The main character, Eugene, is in bootcamp in Biloxi, Mississippi, but is originally from Brooklyn, NY. One of his lines is, "Man it's hot. It's like, Africa hot. Never got this hot in Brooklyn." I hate the hot weather, myself.

Kelli said...

well I could use some heat...our pool is open and it's still 55 in the morn and 65 in the night...not good :) And normally it's getting hot around annoying.