Monday, April 04, 2011

Push and Pull

Jackson's latest thing:  pushing Clayton's chair constantly.  It's like he thinks Clayton ought to be moving as much as he does!  There's only one problem:  Clayton is only interested in moving Jackson's way about 10% of the time!  (Hence, the most miserable looking face on Clayton in these photos!)   
Jackson works and works, trying to figure out his path.  Heaven forbid something be in the way.  If so, he just stands there yelling "STOP!  STOP, MOMMA, STOP!" until I clear the way for forward progress.

I've only seen Clayton enjoying the ride one time, and that was when they were actually working together--Clayton giving Jackson orders to back it up and Jackson answering with an excited "TAY!"

For the most part, Clayton simply suffers in silence, enduring Jackson's maneuvers.  however, when he is absolutely fed up with it, he leans over and bops Jackson on the head with his fist.  I don't condone the violence, but I am glad he is finally learning to take up for himself! 
I have to give it to Jackson, though . . . he isn't about to let some minor bumps in the road deter him.  One way or another, he is going to find a way to get Clayton to his final destination.  I like this quality in him--I think it's going to come in quite handy someday!


Anonymous said...

dang i love jacksons determination LOL poor clayton though..but good for him for sticking up for himself!!


Amy said...

Makes me wish Emma had a brother or sister. I love Jackson's preserverence.