Thursday, April 28, 2011

Party Pics!

I had an ulterior motive when I asked our Pastor if we could have Clayton's party at the church . . . our ladies know how to throw a party!  Brenda Sharp headed up a team of decorators and bakers, and they delivered the best of the best as they always do!
The cake was donated by a shop in town and Clayton instantly dubbed it the "cake-bus."  (Oh, and he also wanted to ride on it of course!)

The decorations:

(Clayton's table definitely had to be the one with the John Deere on it). 

The food:

Loved the garden tools as utensils!


Holding on tight because he now realizes there is a room full of people:

Ms. Jamie telling Clayton there is a special guest for him:

He was so nervous, he nearly pulled the tablecloth off the table!

His classic "OH, MY!" pose:

He even got an iPod Touch!

The family that sponsored his wish:

The Make-A-Wish team:

Clayton and Taylor:

She had to park him by the door to watch as people left:

My parents and brother:

Can't forget Jackson!

And definitely can't forget Granny!
A huge thanks to Lindsay K Photography for these great photos!!

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Patti H said...

Ashley thanks so much for sharing Clayton's special day with us. Love all the photos. Clayton looked so excited in all the photos. I would have been blubbering the whole time with excitement for him. P.S you have a beautiful family. Your Mom is beautiful. Thanks again Ashley