Sunday, April 17, 2011

15/52 What Do People Think of Me?

Yikes.  This week's theme was a bit scary to tackle.  Perhaps I really don't want to know what people think of me!  However, I decided to go for the real deal and asked my friends.  Many mentioned strength, and a couple mentioned me being a "steel" magnolia. 
Steel Magnolia

From my friend Kelli:  "I say you take a photo of that Magnolia Terry is speaking of :) It exemplifies optimism, strength, it's a friendly tree, and the flowers are beautiful (which you are too), it's creative. Just a thought. :)"

There were several other responses that warmed my heart and gave me many ideas for photos, but . . . I had to go with what I could actually find! 

I'm so tempted to go into all the reasons why I'm not near as strong as many people think I am, but I will just say this:  my strength only comes from the Lord.  I can only pray that His strength is what people see!


Kelli said...

I believe your strength comes from the Lord yes, and He often shows that in our weakness. When we are weak, he is strong. And other people see that, and see His mighty strength in us. I love that about Him :) I love that he uses us messes for his glory.

Karen Mills said...

Your strength does come from the Lord and it shows. He has been glorified through you for us all to see. Thanks for allowing Him to use you to teach us about strength through weakness.