Friday, April 01, 2011

Dear Spring,

You showed up on my doorstep early this year, and I welcomed you with open arms.  I immediately threw my priorities out the window, moving you to the top of my list.  The house went undusted, the laundry piled up.  Emails and phone calls were ignored just so I could wait on you hand and foot.  The children and I moved our play areas to the back porch and yard.  We visited every local park.  We went for walks and bike/trike rides on several of your beautiful days.  We soaked up every bit of sunshine you brought with you.  And oh, how we loved our time with you!  You brought with you a since of freedom and whimsy!  A fresh feeling of new beginnings and anticipation . . .

And then, BAM.  You were gone.  Leaving us with our teeth chattering in the cold and only puddles from the rain to play in.  And while we are still dumbfounded by your behavior, we are willing to forgive and forget!

We are told you may pass through in the next few days . . . please consider staying on for the duration!  We promise not to bring up the past and only focus on the good times to come--we miss our lovely, lazy days with you and will only be happy when you return for good.

A Momma Who Wants to Play Outside

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Brian said...

Very nicely put. I love you.