Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Baseball Season!

This past Saturday was Opening Day for Miracle League 2011 and Clayton enjoyed himself just as much as he did during last year's games.  He was a little disappointed that Momma forgot his glove, but it didn't stop him from fielding the ball!
But by far, batting is probably his favorite part since he gets to "run" afterwards.  (That was the first thing he said after I told him we were going to his ballgame--"I going to run?")  Yes, dear child, you will RUN!
Brian and I have decided that if we ever start feeling sorry for ourselves or Clayton, these games are the place to go.  His problems could be much worse. Moreover, it is an absolute blessing to see these kids and families choosing happiness and choosing LIFE despite their circumstances. Such an awesome program to be a part of!

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Stacy said...

OMG I am all teary! Go Clayton!!