Tuesday, August 03, 2010

@ 14 Months

Our little miracle is growing and changing so fast these days, we can hardly keep up with all he can do!  Brian and I keep asking ourselves if all he is doing is just typical one year old stuff or is he just advanced?  We're leaning towards advanced, of course.  :)

And so, at fourteen months here are the details.  Jackson . . .

**isn't harboring hard feelings or ill-will towards his parents or brother for having missed celebrating his first birthday.  :)

**isn't harboring hard feelings towards Momma for having missed his 12 and 13th month blog posts or having neglected his baby book for the last three months!

**has got walking down pat, but still might walk like a drunkard at times.  He still gets where he is going with no problems and doesn't seem to get motion sick from all the wobbling he might do!  

**has decided that like his older brother, he prefers Momma and Daddy's bed to his own.

**has twelve teeth with molars coming in daily (at least it seems that way!)

**still prefers meat to vegetables and is a carb-loving baby.  Would rather have anything carb over all other food.  Momma's hoping he'll eat something green on a regular basis SOON!

**is IN LOVE with all technology.  The computer's keyboard and mouse are never safe and all remotes have to stay out of reach.  In fact, one remote has been missing for a couple of weeks.  We're pretty sure he threw it away since he also LOVES the trash . . . Because of this love of technology and buttons in general, I bought him a little cheap calculator and it will entertain him for at least 30 minutes at a time.  Phones are his weakness and he knows the difference between a fake phone and real phone (as well as a fake remote and real remote).  You give him your phone and he immediately starts typing away as if he is texting someone. 

**has decided he doesn't like the nursery again.

**plays peepie at the sound of "Where's Jackson?" and is pretty rough when he slaps his hands on his eyes and head!

**loves to be chased and play Hide-n-Seek.

**waves at everyone in the stores and all cars that pass us by.

**doesn't like naptime and has to be practically tied down to take one.

**has started bringing the ball to Clayton so that they can play catch.  (love this)

**talks CONSTANTLY, but rarely says anything we can understand! 

**has started flipping through books and will even sit still for Momma to read just a few pages to him.

**LOVES music--starts clapping and "dancing" as soon as he hears a tune.

**climbs on EVERYTHING (I think I've covered that one in previous posts!)

**loves it when Momma puts his snack in a bowl so he can sit and take it all out piece by piece.  :)

**has discovered his body makes funny noises and loves his stinky socks.  Momma will never understand this part of her boys. 

There is so much more that keeps us in constant awe of how fast he absorbs his environment and how quickly he learns the way of things.  We just can't help but sit and grin as he plays daily!  Thank you, Lord for this little blessing!

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