Saturday, August 14, 2010

Busy Week

Clayton was one exhausted kid yesterday.  And it's no wonder!  We've had an activity every single day this week, and he's had his regular therapy schedule to boot.  Monday, he went with me to the first homeschooling meeting of the year.  Tuesday, was his birthday celebration of course, and Wednesday he went roller skating with the kids at the church for the first time.  He had a BLAST rolling around that rink at record wheelchair speeds!  He even got to enjoy the games like the limbo--he wasn't "handicapped" in the least bit since he's right at home on wheels!
Thursday afternoon, we took off to the lake to visit with friends who were camping there.  We were in the boat until dark and didn't get home until 11:00 because of an unfortunate shortage of gas in the truck that I won't go into . . . (we made it home, but it was a close call!)  And so after his cousins left yesterday afternoon, it was time for Clayton to crash.  He was so tired that he was starting to act sick and I was not liking how he looked.  Thankfully, by the evening he had perked up a bit and he should be back to his old self in time for the new week to start!

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Patti H said...

sounds like a fun time. Did you get on roller skates too Ashley?