Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Simple? Never!

It seems nothing ever goes "normal" for us.  Clayton's issues are always throwing us out of tandem with the rest of regular functioning folks, and it seems Jackson wants his share of attention these days as well.  He seemed to be getting over his bout with strep by Sunday afternoon, but yesterday I noticed a light rash all over his belly and back.  Then he literally whined all. night. long. last night.  And when he woke up this morning, I realized the rash was worse, with raised bumps.  I knew he was probably allergic to his antibiotic, but also knew he needed a few more days on one to make sure the strep was gone for good.  By the time we saw the doc this afternoon, it was all over his legs and arms.  No trouble breathing, thank the Lord, but was he ever cranky!  So instead of just getting over strep like most kids, we had to take that extra step we always seem to need instead of doing things the simple way. 

Guess the Lord just loves to watch me wrestle a cyring one-year old, a wheelchair, and all of our stuff in a crowded doctor's office!

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Patti H said...

yikes Ashley. you always have your hands full. Matt too is allergic to certain meds. When he was about nine months he ended in the hospital for a few days from the side effects. Hugs my friend