Friday, July 30, 2010

Part Monkey

I told you he liked to climb . . . the tray used to keep him off of Clayton's chair, but now that doesn't even seem to stop him.  I'm constantly pulling him off of Clayton as he doesn't seem to mind the swats on his behind and/or the "timeouts." 
He's quite proud of himself too . . . but Clayton is less than thrilled with this invasion of his space!  (And I don't blame him!)


Anonymous said...

aww..poor clayton!! i love the black n white pics!!!!

does clayton have on silly bands???? if so..does he have a florida set?? i just recently have seen love to send him a pack!!!


Katy said...

The look on Clayton's face is PRICELESS! Jackson really does love his big brother, huh?

Yankee said...

Oh poor Clayton. Look at that face.