Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The reality is Clayton is still so weak.  The tiniest activities zap what little energy he has.  His trunk is not strong enough to hold him upright and by the end of the last two days, he hasn't even been able to hold his head up. 

The reality is his right hand still doesn't function like it used to.  His pincer grasp just isn't there right now and it's frustrating for him and definitely frustrating to watch.

The reality is it took him years to gain these skills the first go-around.

The reality is Clayton is getting down.  He barely smiled today.  He's cried over the smallest things and this evening he was crying over nothing specific that we could tell.  I asked him if his head hurt several times and got no response.  I asked if he was just sad and he nodded with his little bottom lip poked out.  My heart strings are about tugged out!!  How do I explain to him that it's just going to take lots of time and practice to get things back to where they were?  There's no way to tell what is going through that little head of his, but I'm sure it's got to be scary and sad not knowing why his body won't do what it used to. 


Kristina said...

Please email me ( your address - if you want - and me and the girls will make some homemade cards for Clayton and send them to him. Maybe a bit of mail might give him a small pick me up!

Anonymous said...

Tell him his uncle Josh loves him and he is one tough little guy

Karen Mills said...

Oh Ashley! I'm so sorry he's down. Being weak after being sick is so hard for a little one to understand. I'm praying he sees progress soon and it raises his spirits.

Melissa said...

He is a tough little guy. I completely understand about how long it takes to achieve the tiniest of milestone from picking up food with a pincer grip to holding their own head up. I am right there with you. Please know you are not alone and that your family is inspiration to others. Your strength is amazing.

Patti H said...

Still praying for our little man. I have no words. Love and prayers to you all