Monday, May 18, 2009

The Back of the Closet

The struggle is never too far away . . . just putting it on paper:
May 12, 2009
Four sets of coordinating outfits. I bought two of them myself soon after finding out I would be having twin boys, the others gifts from Allison and GrandMother. And six years later, they still hang in Clayton's closet. With the new baby on the way, I've managed to pack most of Shawn's things and even managed to {reluctantly} relinquish them to the attic. But this last reminder of what was to be I just can't put away. In those clothes, I see a promise of a special relationship--one we'll never see come to pass. I just hope Clayton doesn't think I'm too crazy if they're still there when he's 18!


Patti H said...

AShley!! Beautiful layout

Bird said...

These layouts and your accompanying text could be a book or something.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Your pages (Especially the ones in the previous post documenting your preemie experience) are AMAZING! You are soooo creative and your layouts are gorgeous! You have to tell me how you come up with such creative and beautiful ideas??? I love to scrapbook but I often seem to get a creativity block...and it's such an expensive hobby, too!

Anyway, I love looking at your scrapjazz! And congrats on your new babe---you're almost full-term!!!!

Stacy said...

aww Ashley...hugs! And nobody would look at you weird if they are STILL in the closet 10 years from now.

Jennifer said...

I kept Brady's clothes for so long and finally decided to let my mom have them. It was so hard to see them hanging in the closet. It's such a difficult walk when you know your baby is with Jesus yet you grieve for the lost plans and dreams and desires of the future. Letting go is so hard.

Your scrapbook pages look awesome!