Thursday, May 21, 2009

37 Weeks

Another week with more swollen feet! Blood pressure looking good though, just seems as though my kidneys aren't working as efficiently as they should since they have a big baby sitting on them!! And it looks as if June 3rd will be induction day if I don't go into labor before then. Part of me would like to wait until then, but most of me is READY to not be pregnant anymore!! It's just funny how panicky Brian and I both are getting about introducing a new little personality into our family mix. It's been us three for so long that it's going to be quite interesting to see how the new little guy blends in--I know it works out on it's own, but we can't help but be nervous!

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~Denise said...

awwww, June 3rd is my mommy's birthday!!! I can't wait to see pix of your new lovey!