Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Always a Helper

We've been saturated with rain around here. And even this week the forecast calls for more and more thunderstorms. But during one of the breaks from the rain last week, Brian decided he would till up some ground for a garden. It turned into a marathon project--despite all the rain, the soil was still hard as a rock and it took forever for Brian to till up just a small spot! But the job was made easier because he had his special helper out there with him. (A lawn machine??? Something with a motor??? Clayton wouldn't have it any other way!)

After Clayton's turn, Brian finally had to wrestle his way through the dirt. Good thing his friend James (not pictured) was here to take a turn every once in a while!

Now we just have to wait for another break in the rain to actually plant stuff--maybe by mid-July we'll get that done!!!


Jennifer said...

Awe- Clayton looks awesome standing there! And congratulations on going so far in your pregnancy. I can't wait to hear when the little guy is finally here!

Keri said...

Man alive! These photos brought such big smiles to my face. What a big, strong helper Clayton is! LOVE it!

Patti H said...

look at Clayton!! Daddy's big helper!!

Stacy said...

Look at Clayton! He is such a man now! I love that he is so into his lawn tools lol.