Wednesday, May 06, 2009

35 Weeks (And a Crude Ultrasound Lesson)

Still pregnant!! And consuming as many calories as possible! Seriously, how can a person be this hungry??? And thirsty for that matter!
I'm feeling good, but I did overdo things yesterday, so I'm taking it majorly easy today. Just sitting here all day is my plan. I don't even have to go see the doctor this week so I really don't even know what to do with my free time on this Wednesday! So on that note, I decided to revisit last week's ultrasound to give the ultrasound-challenged a better perspective. For lack of an easier way to explain it, I decided to just draw the baby's face in (kind of cartoonish looking!), and then let you compare it to the original picture. Surely that helps some of you out there?? (PattiH, I'm talking to you!)
Can you see it now???


Cjengo said...

Love the little faces on sono's!

Patti H said...

yeah yeah I see it now! Look how sweet he is! Thanks Ashley!

Amy said...

Wow! 35 weeks! I was just checking in to see how close you are. You are going to be having that little one soon!!!

Alice said...

definitely! this is so funny :O) bless you!