Monday, October 16, 2006

What Matters Most

I'm neglecting so much these days. My house needs to be deep cleaned so bad! I'm just barely keeping up with the laundry too. I need to go to the store so bad (we are out of everything), and Clayton needs some warmer clothes. I hope I can make time soon for all of this. My time is limited, but at the moment it's really more important for me to help my Maw-Maw by being there for her--she is really feeling bad from a major fall Thursday night. She loves to see Clayton and I think it takes her mind off of her body when he is over there to hang out with her. So in the whole scheme of things, I think my house can wait and I've got plenty of old clean panties I can wear. :)


Jennifer said...

If you get really desperate you can always go commando. I'll never tell.;-) Hope your Maw-Maw is feeling lots better soon!

~ RebekahBoo said...

No time for laundry generally means a trip to Wal-Mart. Just buy some more. You can never have too many...the bonus is it delays the need to do laundry next time.