Thursday, October 12, 2006

We're Back!!!

Wes, Shella, Ashley and Brian
Memory Trends 2006
Las Vegas, Nevada
We are back from Vegas and we have more work than ever ahead of us! It was so worth the trip--I think many people enjoyed getting to meet us after receiving emails from us for the last few months. Lots of companies were very receptive to our idea of being different--I could see several heads nodding and silent "amens" as I talked about the void in the market for a useful tool that both a regular scrapper can use and can also inspire the serious scrapbook artist.
Overall, the show was extremely slow, which worked to our advantage. People had lots of time to talk, but I think they were more than frustrated with the lack of retailer traffic. We could have used two more days, we were so short on time. But we did what we could while we were there. And yes, my feet still hurt!!!!
I looked for several people that I knew would be there, but I saw no one I recognized. If I saw you and didn't say hi, it's just because I had no clue who you were and was probably concentrating on my next booth to visit!
The only bad thing about the whole trip was the plane ride home and afterwards. Some idiot decided to smoke on the plane and harrassed the flight attendants to no end. He had police waiting for him when we landed in Little Rock. And we also didn't realize it until we got home that we had the wrong suitcase! Brian got up early this morning and returned the suitcase we had and found out ours had never arrived at all. We finally got it here tonight. I was getting worried because every bit of makeup I have was in that bag and my hair dryer was too. Clayton has a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I wasn't sure they wanted to see the all natural me!
Speaking of Clayton, he did fine at my parents' house. He must have played hard because he has spent most of today sleeping with me! He just seemed exhausted! And speaking of sleeping, we're off to bed!!


Kelli said...

welcome home! I wish I could've gone....maybe next year ;)

Vicky aka KayasMama said...

Wow i bet it was fun! ive just been looking at your mag site, things are really rolling for ya, im so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are home safely and had a good trip. Cna't wait to hear more about it! Mona

Amy W. said...

glad to hear things are moving along. ;>