Friday, June 09, 2006

Lots of Stuff Coming Up

Tomorrow we drive three hours north for a family wedding. The last wedding we went to up there Clayton pooped all over the car seat and my mom's nice dress. Hopefully we won't have a repeat!
Sunday: church and choir practice.
Monday: therapy, tutoring, and band practice.
Tuesday: Tidy Tina and her team are coming to clean my house!!! I also have to spend the day getting ready for my class which is Tuesday night. Very excited and nervous about this.
Wednesday: Singing at a luncheon. It should be interesting because Clayton usually doesn't do well when I sing! My mom is coming to help take care of him while I am on stage--hopefully he'll find all the comfort he needs from Granny. (He usually does).
Let's hope I can get prepared for the class and singing without a hitch. Have a good weekend everyone!


Christy said...

praying that you have a great week! I hope things are getting back to normal and you are having more peace about life! Hang in there & leave the rest to God (easier said than done)


Oscar T. Grouch said...

Hope it all works out well for you. Good luck on the singing.