Thursday, June 15, 2006

Let's Play Catch Up!

Whew, the last three days have been busy! My class at the LSS was Tuesday night. The women loved it, but it was definitely an eye opener for me. I had a whole lesson planned with handouts and all, but only two women were there on time. I ran through the lesson with them, but it just wasn't the same as it would have been with everyone there. Everyone eventually got there, but I was disappointed I had prepared so much and then wasn't able to share my lesson. Oh well, better luck next time. Like I said, they all LOVED it and couldn't wait to sign up for the July class, so I guess that means it was a success!
Yesterday I sang at a luncheon at Second Baptist Church. I had been worried about my voice (I totally lost it after band practice Monday night), but it was fine and dandy. My throat didn't even hurt. Neat how God works out those details for us. Besides singing, I actually talked a little bit about my story. This is definitely the hardest part for me. I can sing all day in front of a crowd, but actually ask me to "testify" and I get NERVOUS!! You'd think with me being a teacher it would be easy, but it's not. I suppose I worry about saying "the wrong thing" about God and/or the Bible. But I guess if you think about it, I'm talking more about the life changes that God has brought about in my heart and mind. I'm the expert on that, right? And I really feel like God has given me this testimony and the voice to sing for a reason--they are a package that I can take with me to lots of places. We'll see where He takes me.


Julia said...

Glad you singing went well! I posted a comment on SJ about your class for you!

~Denise aka NYNative said...

I'm so proud of you! Glad your throat is better and that your class went well!