Sunday, June 03, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Baby!

He may be turning three today, but in this Momma's heart, he is still considered my baby boy.  :)  

On this, his third birthday, Jackson is smarter than ever, and too clever for his own good.  He whispers "I love you, Momma" one minute, then defiantly states his independence on random tasks the next.  He worries Clayton to death by crawling into his personal space, and definitely misses Clayton if he is not around.  Jackson confidently and correctly identifies letters in all the places we see them.  He hits balls that are pitched to him, and he "plays" the keyboard, guitar, and drums.  He still spends most of his time outside riding the John Deere Gator, but is spending more and more time honing his baseball skills.  He is a big boy in almost all ways except for not being potty trained and still being in love with his sippy cup (his comfort item, to say the least).  And when he isn't showing his "me! me! me! toddler side," he is absolutely the most precious child---a pure bonus, if you will, for this Momma who was scared to death to try pregnancy again.  

Happy Birthday, dear boy . . . I pray daily that you grow into a Godly young man, and that you enjoy every positive opportunity that crosses your path.  

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Amy said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Jackson. He is such a little doll. He makes me want a baby boy!