Monday, June 11, 2012

Birthday Week

Since Jackson's birthday fell during the prayer conference at church, we decided to wait until this past weekend to have his official birthday party.  This meant that he got to celebrate virtually all week.  Sunday, he ate with his cousins.  Monday, my grandparents visited with a gift.  Tuesday, our friend Janet came by with a gift, and on Thursday, some more friends came by with yet another gift.  It all rounded out with a gymnastics party on Saturday.  He had a blast despite the fact that only one guest showed up.  All the visits during the week were a consolation when considering the extremely small crowd at the party.  

For Jackson, the party was right where he was--no need for crowds of people when you can entertain yourself like this!

And we couldn't get home fast enough for him to take Clayton for a spin in his new wheels:
I'm just waiting to see what kind of trouble these two get into with a new hot rod on their hands!


Amy said...

Cute, sweet boy! Awesome cake. Love all the sweet pictures of Jackson.

We thought about getting Emma one of those green cars this past weekend. She has so little physical opps for play. We didn't because we didn't know if she would be to big for it or too tall. Looks like Clayton fits in there still. We may just go back and get her one now.

Happy Birthday Jackson!

hannah said...

that looks cool !!!!!!!!