Monday, June 04, 2012

Right at Home

Clayton was in his element this past weekend as our church hosted our annual prayer conference.  And as usual, he quickly attached himself to a buddy and obsessed over being with her the entire time.  For this weekend, the focus of his affection was Ms. Leisa, who is one of many of our friends who dotes on his every whim and basically helps spoil him rotten.  (Who doesn't?!)  He helped her greet guests before each session, and to say he had a blast doing this job is a gross understatement.  He LOVED anticipating the arrival of each person, from watching them drive into the parking lot, to the point of shaking their hand as they entered the building.  
Clayton is right at home in our church services and events.  And it's no wonder!  These people have nurtured, loved, and indulged his every wish as long as he has lived.  They have prayed and supported us through all the trials of his life, and they have rejoiced in his triumphs.  Clayton is smart enough to know that this congregation is full of some of his biggest fans and closest companions, both child and adult.  We are grateful for friends who have made a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for Clayton, and we're thankful his "home away from home" is indeed God's house.

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Amy said...

Oh yeah, that is so wonderful. I love how everyone LOVES on Clayton. Not many people are that comfy around Emma for some reason. I think she intimidates them a bit. She isn't as outgoing as Clayton is though. I wish! Maybe one day! That is my prayer! I am happy, too, that Clayton has this wonderful place where he is doted on by all. That has to warm a momma's heart.