Thursday, January 26, 2012

All His

It's official!  Clayton is now the owner and driver of his very own power chair!  He has been looking forward to this day for so long, he was grinning from ear to ear the whole time the DME rep was here.  In fact he insisted on waiting by his window a full two hours before the rep was even scheduled to arrive  . . . he is definitely patient and persistent!
I was afraid he would forget all of his training in the loaner chair we had months ago, but he is already remembering to be careful and is doing his best to avoid the many obstacles in our house.  The toughest obstacle will be that one named Jackson, who has in fact forgotten all about the safety rules we had with the loaner chair.  He is going to require a breaking in period for sure since he can't help but explore the ins and outs of this machine with so many parts and gadgets attached.  I just hope we can keep him from losing a toe in the meantime!

We haven't even had the chair 24 hours, and Clayton is already the master of his own movements (what a freeing concept!).  He has been roaming around, digging through drawers and venturing to spots he normally doesn't get to go (my closet, for example).  And while it's a little cumbersome keeping him out of trouble, I say "go to it!"  It's about time he was able to explore his own home without someone else restricting his every move!


Kristina said...

Horray for Clayton! I love it! I can certainly understand why he would be so excited at wait patiently for it to come. He sure looks good in his chair!

Just wondering....what chair make/model did you decide on?

Kelli said...

oh yay! so exciting, he looks so grown up in that chair, I love it!

Amy said...

Nice chair. What kind is it? Clayton looks awesome in it. I can only imagine how liberated he feels. I would love one for Emma, but our house is not yet ready for her and motorized wheels--no space. :)

Patti H said...

Yippeee for Clayton!! Have wheels will explore!!