Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So have you heard about Amelia?  If not, her mother tells the latest in their story right here.  

I have to admit that even though Clayton has never been deemed "mentally retarded," he is "developmentally delayed," and as a special needs parent, this scares me to death.  It's not a "big and bad" insurance company that's telling Amelia no to a life-saving operation.  It's the doctor(s) who is indeed charged with keeping her alive!  Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees the irony in this?  

I couldn't put my finger on just why this rubbed me the wrong way (child needing a transplant put aside), but when I read Katy's post, I found myself nodding in agreement the whole way through.  I'm like her--I've seen a whole host of people in my life who were [supposedly] of normal intelligence whose "quality of life" wasn't near that of Clayton's!  Talk about someone who is living!  And he is enjoying every minute of it!  How many of us would be able to say we enjoy life as much as Clayton if we were suddenly limited by his disabilities?  I don't know if I could . . .

At any rate, as a parent of child with Cerebral Palsy, it is frightening what may lie ahead in the world of medical care and our ability to access it affordably.  Just another reason I'm praying diligently for a miracle in Clayton's health.

ETA:  I just read a few of the comments on Amelia's mom's post.  Had to stop.  Absolutely.  Incredible.  I was reminded that yes, some people really do feel like kids with any "defect" don't count and should be done away with as soon as possible!  God help them if they ever become the parent or grandparent of a child with disabilities.  


Pop said...

The more I read the madder I got. It is beyond belief that a Doctor would say such things. It is scary but just think how much more frightening it will be if the government takes over with Obamacare...that's double scary

Amy said...

Yeah, obviously, I feel the same way. I also read Katy's post. It was my introduction to this story. I felt like I could have written that myself. The coldness in people completely dumbfounds me. Such a sad world we live in. Frightening really! Yes, I too pray and believe for healing miracles for Emma. I have since her birth, and I cannot let it go. This is why! Stories like this. While I am sure there a lot more details about this story that I don't know and don't understand, it has completely made me aware of what so many people think about children like my Emma. I am hurt by this and how little people value kids with special needs in general. Just makes me sick and sad. Hugs to you. Let's keep believing that all things are possible with Christ Jesus. They are.