Friday, January 06, 2012

Photo Friday

Someone had a birthday this week, and for some reason he was feeling generous on that day . . . Brian never wants to pose for me, but as we spent a few hours out of town *alone* for his birthday this past weekend, he was in an agreeable mood!  
I'm just hoping he doesn't get too upset when he realizes I've posted it here.  I think those might have been his last words on the subject:  "be careful about posting those online . . ."  Well, honey, I'm being careful.  Careful to post a good one, that is!

So even though we celebrated his birthday, I walked away feeling like I'd received a gift too.  A willing model goes along way to make me happy these days!


Amy said...

That is nice that he agreed to pose for you. The picture is good. My husband hates having his photo taken. He says he always looks spacey because I catch him in a blink. He says the light from the flash bothers his eyes. I think I need a better camera. My flash died, and I don't know if that is fixable or not.

Patti H said...

Fantastic photo. Happy Belated Birthday Brian!