Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh, Brother


My brother and I both didn't start singing publicly until our adult years.  And we didn't start singing together until just a couple of years ago.  We did a couple of ditties at his previous church and they went well, but never did I get emotional about it.  

We sang together this past weekend and while I listened to my brother belt out his part, I couldn't help but get teary.  I don't know what the difference was this time--maybe a combination of things:  our families are closer than we've ever been; we now worship together at the same church home; a sweet spirit present while we were singing; and an awesome song with a simple, but very true message.  Whatever it was, I was nearly bursting with pride while listening to Josh sing his heart out.  Is the song technically perfect?  No.  We had a few minor hiccups that could be polished with more practice.  But I don't think those things even mattered, because the spirit of God was definitely present.   

I couldn't ask for a sweeter time--singing with my brother while he and my husband play accompaniment.  I hope you enjoy listening as much as we love doing it.  :)  (And if you listen closely you can hear Clayton singing along as well!)


Patti H said...

Bravo!! You all gave me goosebumps too!!

Heather said...

Lovely. Thank you both for sharing your talents. Nothing is quite so sweet sounding as family singing together.

Amy said...

I loved that. Made be cry too! The words are so true!

Pop said...

It is such a blessing to have 2 such wonderful grownup kids. I am truely thankful for both of them and between them they have given me 7 precious grandchildren.

gab423 said...

Chills...through and through! Simply beautiful, Ashley!!!