Friday, January 28, 2011

Improving Skills

We've had concentrated driving lessons each day this week.  And each day, Clayton shows small improvements in his ability to focus on and manipulate the power chair correctly.  The last couple of days have actually been warmer and I've been able to take him outside for extended periods of time.  Jackson and I just do our own thing as much as possible and let Clayton have the reins.  And you know where he spends the majority of his time?  Driving up and over the curbs in everyone's driveways.  There's just something about a bump in the road that gets that boy's attention.  Today he had a breakthrough and actually went driving down the street (he finally noticed there was a big world out there!).  Jackson and I tagged along which was easy since he went so slow--you know, stopping at every driveway to run up over the curb!  Having the chair at home has made a world of difference in his concentration.  He's not so willy-nilly in his driving now and you can see that he is deliberate in his movements of the joystick.  The learning curve is great, but I'm confident he'll achieve mastery!
Now . . . . if we could only get a sidecar with this thing!! 


Patti H said...

that photo with the your two boys just yanks at my heart strings. Love it!! Brothers!!

Kelli said...

wow that's so exciting :) I'm so happy for Clayton! :)