Friday, January 21, 2011

Right Where I Should Be

It all started with singing on the junior high cheerleading bus while we traveled to ballgames.  "You need to be a singer!"  "You should go to Nashville, I'll be your manager!"  "You should go on Star Search!" (That statement dates me for sure!)  My friends and I just knew I could be famous someday if given the chance, but I never pursued singing for real.
And when I finally came out of my shell as an adult and started singing in front of real live audiences, the first words out of my dad's mouth were "she needs to cut a record." (And that statement really dates him!)  Then when Brian and I started playing and singing with the band, Brian and Charlie just knew I could make some "real money" if I'd just push a little harder, pursue a little bit more.  Brian is still dreaming about the day we'll be traveling on my tour.  Not me.  I love singing.  And almost any kind of music will do, as long as I can feel the song in my heart.  But when I think about a life of trying to "make it big," I can't imagine handing my mom duties over to anyone else.  I look at my babies and never in a million years could I have a nanny or babysitter be in charge of their care the majority of the time!  This is how I know I'm right where I should be.  Taking care of and loving my babies like no one else could.

Is it hard some days?  You bet.  But I wouldn't trade it for the world!
Wasn't that long ago,
when I was skipping to school with a lunchbox,
pigtails in my hair.
Where did the time go?
One minute I'm playing in the sandbox,
how'd I get to here from there?

Making lunches and folding clothes,
it's not the most glamorous life I know.
But I've got so much more that most!

I'm not famous, but my kids think I'm a star!
I'm not rich, but I've made a million memories so far.
I'm not a model, but my man thinks I could be . . .
I may not be from royalty, but in these four walls, I'm a queen.

I had it all planned . . .
 first I'd make it big in Nashville,
then take Hollywood by storm.
But it was in God's Hands,
'cause there were three little lives that would need me
to one day be their Mom . . .

I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Those movie stars don't have everything.
I know I'm right where I wanna be.

I'm not famous, but my kids think I'm a star!
I'm not rich, but I've made a million memories so far.
I'm not a model, but my man thinks I could be . . .
I may not be from royalty, but in these four walls, I'm a queen.
                              ~"These Four Walls" by Sara Evans


Leslie said...

what a beautiful post Ash!

Kristin K Stock said...

OMG my dear are such a wonderful person and a terrific Mom!! What you wrote brought tears to my eyes!!! Love you girl.

Kelli said...


Heather said...

My husband and I were just talking about this subject. We went out to dinner with some friends the other night and it surprised us when they commented on how much better off we would be today if we hadn't had kids until after we both had flourishing careers. From their perspective we are "different" and lacking in foresight. Our (childless)friends look at children from a financial perspective at this point and it doesn't make sense to them to have kids until they've exhausted all other things in life.

When Doug and I decided to have children we did so with a commitment that he would provide for the family to the best of his abilities and I would stay home to nurture the children. Do I sometimes long for my chance to use my God-given talents in a fulfilling career outside the home? You bet. But when it comes down to it, there is nothing more important and far-reaching than the relationships we develop with our family. Careers, money, recognition, will come and go but our children and the lessons we teach them through our talents are eternal.

I know there are some women who work outside the home out of necessity. (Necessity should be weighed carefully. Very often the most priceless gifts in life come at a sacrifice.) But more and more, women who stay at home with children and postpone or give up careers to do so are a rarity.

When things become difficult with the everyday details of being a SAHM and the lure and seduction of a career creep up on me, I remind myself that there are different seasons of life and it isn't requisite or prudent to have it all at once. I am to find joy in this unique time with my children.

I know God will open doors for you in your singing endeavors. He blesses those who seek to do His will and I honestly believe His will is to raise up righteous children unto Him. When the time is right for you to pursue a career in music, you will feel it in your heart and mind. In the meantime, to all us engaged in raising children, may God bless us. It's the hardest job we will ever do.

Jes said...

such a beautiful post, thank you for sharing!!

Cheri Pryor said...

Beautiful pictures...and so very true. I LOVE. LOVE. that song! It's so perfect for any mom. ((hugs))