Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A Good Start

A good start to a new year.  What more can a woman ask for?! 

For over the last seven years, Brian and I have put our marriage second to taking care of Clayton.  Not because we wanted to, it's just what you do when you have a child with so many needs and issues.  It's a miracle we've survived throughout all the turmoil of losing one child and dealing with the near-death issues of another.  It has not been easy, definitely no cakewalk.  And I'm sure there are bumps around the corner; but for now, we are making concentrated efforts at making time for just the two of us.  Even if that just means staying up late to talk after Clayton FINALLY goes to sleep.

A sure sign that we're doing better at this is the fact that we actually spent a night away, ALONE, on New Year's Eve.  We've made a just a couple of trips on church retreats with other couples over the years, but we've not once done anything overnight all. by. ourselves. since Shawn and Clayton were born.  GASP! 

It was only one night, but we didn't care!  It felt good to have time to focus on each other without the distractions little ones bring.  I could look at Brian and actually have time to remember the reasons I fell in love with him way back in the Summer of '96.  We never knew we'd go dancing in the mine fields when we met each other that year, and I wouldn't have wanted any other dance partner . . . so here's to rediscovering the roots of our relationship and here's to more time together in the year of 2011. 


Kelli said...

this is the best post ever. i love this.

Patti H said...

love you guys!! So happy you are spending time to rediscover yourselves!!

Leslie said...

I have to agree with Kelli...a wonderful post!