Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

We had a couple of inches of snow fall Sunday night, and while I know for my friends in the north that's nothing, we have to make due with what we get!  We decided to take a trip out to my brother's so he could pull the boys around on the "sled."  (Term used very loosely!)  It was Jackson's first time to get out in the snow.  He didn't mind standing in it, but he didn't really like the whole sled idea.  He ended up playing inside most of the time we were there.
Clayton, on the other hand, was all about Josh pulling him around.  It was pretty chilly out there, especially with the wind blowing in his face, but he would have stayed outside all afternoon if we had let him. 

When we got back home, the boys and I crashed for our afternoon naps.  It felt good to stay snuggled up inside.  Unfortunately, Clayton woke up with a ton of drainage and lots of gagging, so we spent the night dealing with that.  Just goes to show again that he doesn't have much reserve strength to lean on. 
So just to be on the safe side, he'll stay home from therapy today.  But on a good note, it'll give us just the right amount of time to catch up on our school lesson that we would have done yesterday!


Patti H said...

oh what fun. Clayton looks so happy. I love to see the rosy cheeks on the kids when they come in from playing in the snow. Hope Clayton is feeling better

Kelli said...

that's awesome! we got no snow..sad. your boys look like they loved that :)