Monday, December 19, 2011

Ring the Bells

At the beginning of the school year, the Sunday School classes at church were promoted as usual.  There was only one small problem with that--basically, Jackson's whole class was promoted and left him behind to a virtual solo existence in the toddler class.  Before his friends were promoted, he loved Sunday school; afterwards, not so much.  So after a few Sundays of trying to figure out what to do, he was invited to the preschoolers class on a trial basis.  And except for the not being potty trained part, I think he's fitting right back in with his old buddies.  He may be a tad bit shorter than the rest of them, but he definitely hangs tough in all of their play.  :)
From all reports, he was really getting into the singing and bell ringing in the practices leading up to their performance, but at the dress rehearsal on Saturday, all he did was stand on the stage and chew on his fingers.  He didn't do much more during the actual performance on Sunday.  He just stood, stared, and chewed as the rest of the kids sang and did their motions.  Thankfully though, he decided to participate in the bell ringing song, and it was of course, the most precious thing ever (spoken like a true Mother, right?).  All things considered, I was just happy to not have a repeat of last year's performance!

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