Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Artists at Work

We're having to be creative around here in order to get everyone's (read:  Jackson's) energy fully spent in a day.  With it being quite chilly outside, I'm not particularly wanting to spend hours in the backyard playing while our teeth chatter.  But even before it got cold, we had several days of rain that just about made us go stir crazy.  
Brian decided to make the garage the new play area and this seemed to satisfy both boys.  Mainly because Daddy decided they would get to "paint" with all of his supplies.  The great thing about this painting was that it didn't involve paint!  Brian just poured some water in some bowls and both Jackson and Clayton went to work painting on their cardboard boxes.   
Another bonus?  Clayton was getting all kinds of sensory therapy.  He won't do this type of activity for his O.T.  In therapy, he gets weirded out by the liquid and the brushes.  But for Daddy, there seems to be no problems . . . funny how it works that way.
Of course it always helps to have Jackson along to motivate him.  Watching Jackson at a task always seems to push Clayton to have his turn at whatever fun is to be had.
I have to say, though, that Jackson seemed to be taking his creation quite seriously.  Who knows?  We might have a mini-Picasso on our hands!


Patti H said...

totally love that last photo of Jackson painting. What a fun activity for the boys to be entertained with.

hannah said...

Jackson and Clayton are so cute P.S. I LOVE TO PAINT