Friday, December 02, 2011

In Which We Stretch

Or more appropriately, "in which Clayton's legs stretch . . . ."  

In order to battle Clayton's ever-present spasticity, we've added yet another weapon to our already over-flowing arsenal of equipment.  Welcome the knee-imobilizers.  These little babies replaced his rather wimpy (in comparison) leg splints that he used to sleep in.  Their job is to straighten his legs, and in turn stretch the hamstrings.  
Since Clayton is more or less in a sitting position with his hips and legs in a 90-90 degree position most of the time, his hamstrings are getting harder and harder to stretch out into a complete standing position.  In fact, it is impossible for him to stand completely straight up.  The pain from the inflexibility is finally getting to him and is increasingly hindering his physical therapy.  And since his growing body is starting to interfere with his ability to stand in his stander, he must be stretched in another way.  He is supposed to wear these immobilizers all night long (can you imagine sleeping in these things??) and during the day if possible while sitting on his bed or stretched out on the couch.  We are supposed to get his leg as straight as possible, but as you can see from the pictures, it just isn't happening yet.  Hopefully with more time, his legs will loosen up a bit.  
For now, I consider us off to a good start.  He has slept one full night in them and tolerated them for a few hours on a couple of afternoons.  He's been a lot better patient than most of us would be if our legs were in these monsters!


Stacy said...

Yeah those do NOT look comfortable at all. Give that boy a big hug from way would I be able to work half as hard and be nearly as patient as he is with all of his therapies.

Patti H said...

Just another thing Clayton has to deal with. But at least there is something positive in the long run for him then it makes it a bit easier pushing for him to wear them more often. Love the photos you used to tell your story Ashley they speak volumes.