Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Morning

My sweet boys on Christmas morning 2011.  They are normally late sleepers, so I had to wake them up extra early in order to enjoy Santa's gifts before we went off to church.  This meant for the first thirty minutes we were in the living room they were having trouble focusing on what was actually happening! You can tell by the zombie-look on Clayton's face that he wasn't even awake yet when I started snapping these photos!
As an aside, they are holding two of the SEVEN trains they received between the two of them this year. They are set to go when it comes to railroading for the next year!

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Amy said...

So cute! Emma got a train too. It's actually something she wanted. It's a Geo Trax, and it is so easy for her to operate herself. That is hard for us to find. She can play with it without help while I make dinner or fold laundry. That is so nice. She loves it. I like trains too, but I never thought about my little girl wanting one. Ha! Ha! Hope the boys have loads of fun! I bet you are hearing lots of whistles too.:)