Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Who Knew?

I bought a remote for my camera last week and if I had known how much the boys were going to love it, I would have bought one long ago!  (Wait . . . boys?  remote?  Of course they love it!)  We had the best time smiling and cheesing for the camera with no one behind it.  They thought it was hilarious!  Guess I'll start shooting the pictures like this from now on if it means getting a genuine smile from them!


Amy said...

WOW! That picture is fantastic. I did not know there was even such a thing as a remote for a camera. Boy that would solve a lot of family photo dilemmas around here. I guess they are only available for the pricier models, huh? I will have to check into that. I wish I lived near you. I would definitely hire you to take a photo of my Emma. I think you could get a good one, and that ain't easy to do sometimes. Pretty girl, but the camera rarely does her justice.

Anonymous said...

hmm..i bought a remote for my canon - but never used it...maybe i need to start!! great pic!!!


Christy Burch said...

That's such a great pictures! How fun you'll have taking family pictures will all 4 of you in them!

I got the Canon 60D last week. I guess next on the list is a remote!


Patti H said...

oh our boys love the remote. I even bribe them to get a few good ones then they get to take their turn using the remote. Oh and I love the photo