Thursday, August 18, 2011

Passing It On

Our last evening on the beach was beautiful and peaceful.  Brian and I walked down to the water with Jackson to soak up our last bits of the ocean before it was time to pack up.  The water was strangely calm compared to the beginning of the week, and it was a nice change.  Brian took Jackson for one last swim while I watched from the beach. 
Brian grew up around the ocean.  In his circle of friends, it was standard practice to spend their free time at the beach.  He still has that love for the sand and the water.
Maybe Brian didn't think anything of it, but I loved watching these moments between them.  And while they initially took off on a search for Nemo, I could tell that eventually the conversation turned into a general oceanography lesson.  I could just hear Brian in my mind explaining the ins and outs of ocean life to Jackson's little ears.  I watched as Jackson took it all in, very seriously studying all that Daddy was pointing out.  
Brian has done his best to share his knowledge and love of the beach life with Clayton, but he's never been able to fully let loose like this.  With Clayton's sensory issues and limited mobility, it's just never been doable.  It was a special moment indeed for Brian to be able to share this part of his life with his youngest son.


Kristin K Stock said...

This is the most beautiful and moving post I think I have ever read on a blog. You have the most amazing family Ashley.....and you are an amazing woman who I miss very much!!!!

Patti H said...

I second what Kristin said !!