Thursday, December 10, 2009

Six Months (+ 7 Days)

11 pounds, 8 ounces
25 1/4 inches long

Yes, he's a little guy! He's officially gained 3 whole ounces since his four month check-up. And while he has been eating constantly since he was born, it seems to disappear once he swallows it. I started him on baby food at five months and even though he is eating lots of fruits and vegetables, it still hasn't seemed to put much weight on. I did know that for the last couple of weeks my milk has been dropping off dramatically, so I decided to start weaning him from the breast. My original goal was six months, so I did make it that far--I just wish I could have made it the whole first year. But I definitely didn't want to starve the boy!

I knew when I took him to the doctor yesterday they wouldn't be happy. I saw the nurse practitioner and she was definitely a bit concerned. I'll be mixing the formula at a higher calorie rate and she wants weekly weight checks. :EEK!: She probably thought I was nuts--I'm really not all that concerned with it. I feed him ALL. THE. TIME. I can't help it if he isn't gaining weight! Maybe I just have little babies, preemies or no! I did tell her that I'm coming into this with a skewed perspective. I do not want to pile calories on another child just because people think that all babies need to be rolly-polley fat. Granted, he'll be burning calories much faster than Clayton ever has, but I still don't want to get in that position of regretting pumping massive calories into him.

Otherwise, he is doing WONDERFUL! His two bottom teeth just cut through this week, and he is totally into his surroundings. Still wants to be with Momma all the time, but I'm fine with that! =) He wants to socialize with everyone, just wants to do it from my lap!


Katy said...

I have a really negative impression of the whole weight thing and children. I mean, if they're EATING then what is the big deal? I had a friend and I swear they had about a million medical tests only to discover that their child was, in fact, small. Oh the stress they went through for nothing.

Stephanie said...

My cousing Brandi's third baby was like Jackson, and there's nothing wrong with her AT ALL. She is two now, and still small, but her personality makes up for it. I was always a squirt anyway, and it's not like Josh was every very big. Also, didn't you say that he has gotten longer? I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. You really can't tell much at six months anyway.

Patti H said...

he is adorable!!