Sunday, December 06, 2009

10-4, Good Buddy!

Talk about a good investment! Clayton is loving these walkie-talkies! We have to talk on them all. the. time. Even if we're in the same room. :) He's even learning the lingo--10-4, what's your 20?, you know, the great conversation starters!
There are so many gadgets out there that are *almost* adaptable enough for Clayton, but we can't get them just right for him to use completely on his own. But since he can use these without having to coordinate pressing his fingers, they are perfect. Thank you walkie-talkie people, for including this feature!


TMI Tara said...

It's official. You're the coolest mom ever. I'm in awe of you. All the posts I just caught up on give me all the reason in the world to put you on my list of heroes. Thanks for your example!

Patti H said...

Love this post Ashley!! Max too loves his walkie talkies!