Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Expecting the Miracle

It's been two months since I began diligently praying for the BIG MIRACLE for Clayton. I've also asked many prayer partners to once again remember to not only pray for the little things involving Clayton's health, but to pray for complete healing of his body. And I'm happy to report that I'm more hopeful than ever that God will honor our prayers! It seems the matter of faith has come up in many conversations I've had lately, and it was even a topic discussed in our Bible Study class this past Sunday. And as it just so happens, FAITH is one of my spiritual gifts! I told Brian last week that I seriously woke up each morning expecting that day to be the day Clayton will walk! And I've never been so optimistic about something so farfetched in my life! (Reminder to self: while farfetched to the human race, it is nothing for our Lord!) So while I'm so used to settling for what is given, this time I'm definitely stepping out in faith in believing his healing will happen for all to see. But here's where it's different this time: each morning I get Clayton out of bed and he is still just as spastic and tight as ever, I don't get down and out about how God isn't answering our prayers, I just assume he's planning for tomorrow to be the big day instead!


Anonymous said...

You give me new hope for Clayton also. I'm afraid I have been guilty of being satisfied with his
present condition. Wait, satisfied
is the wrong word. It's more like resigned to his present condition.
I'll pray harder also.


Katy said...

That , my dear, is wonderful. I too believe in healing and miracles.

Cheri Pryor said...

I believe in healing...and miracles...my brother is a walking/talking testament to this very thing. Lots of continued prayers for your little man!

Patti H said...

I too will continue to pray for our little man Clayton! I too believe it will happen

ParkerMama said...

We too are hoping for healing and miracles for Parker. If your prayer partners have any extra faith to spare, we'd love to have you send them our way.