Tuesday, September 04, 2007


**spent two days at the lake this weekend--hoping it's not our last trip for the year

**Clayton doesn't swim in the lake, he "skis"

**tried to stay busy all last week just to keep my mind from dwelling on Shawn's death, funeral--glad to have that week behind me for now

**finally watched Dream Girls the other night--good flick

**I'm registered to go to Scrap Etc. 2008 even though I said I wasn't going! This year we even have homework and we got our first assignment this week--it will be interesting to see if I get it all done!

Nothing else major is going on that I can remember at the moment, so I'm off to pick up Clayton at therapy!


Kelli said...

you are going! you are such a dork! LOL you are going to have so much fun. Bring a tape recorder, I must hear Heidi! ;)

Patti H said...

Homework I am so glad I am going to be sitting beside the smart one!!

Paula (poncho) said...

Oooh I wish I could come to one of these Scrap Etc. events - they sound awesome. Tell the girls to bring it all Down Under LOL