Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Height of Frustration

Frustrated. Upset. Banging my head against the wall. I guess that's what I get for using technology that is apparently smarter than I am. The site that I use for my main layout gallery ( just underwent a major upgrade and ever since then, I've been so frustrated with it! So for those of you who got an email from me today with a link to my gallery and couldn't see my layouts, I don't know what's up with that. I click on the link and I go straight there. I asked the site administrator about it and of course she immediately said I must of sent a broken link because all galleries are public. Were any of you out there able to see my gallery? And another thing that is extremely frustrating is the fact that all of my notes (in particular, the journaling) for all my previous layouts are not with them anymore. They were "included in the code, but their still working on it." Hello? The journaling is usually the most important part of my layouts! I just don't know why some people think they have to fix something that was working just fine--I mean, you pretty much need a user manual to get around the new message board. . . ah, the drama of an online scrapbooking nerd!!!
SO . . . in conclusion, if you would like to view my layouts AND read the journaling, I have changed the "my gallery" link to the right.
For now, it will take you to my gallery at The reason I try to use the ScrapJazz one is because I usually put all of my layouts there and save the better ones for CMK. At any rate, if you got the link from me and it didn't work, I'm sorry if I confused you--hopefully it will all be sorted out soon and we can all go back to our regularly scheduled scrapbook viewing. :)


Lee-Ellen said...

so sorry you lost all of that info - how frustrating! and for the record, i totally agree with you on needing a manual to get around the site now AND why fix somethin' that ain't broke in the first place!!!

Kristi Sauer said...

I haven't checked out the new gallery yet, but I have a bunch of layouts to upload right now. Hopefully i won't run into the same problem, but we shall see!
Good luck!

Kelli said...

ugh i'm so sorry. that's annoying. I'll keep watch per CMK as usual ;)

I haven't been on since they changed it...but I must go to check what they did now.


Leslie said...

I'm still not liking the new and improved SJ. I wasn't broke so don't fix it! I'm sticking it out but I have found I'm not there as much and I doubt I'll ever go back to the gallery to catch up on commenting. I'll join your club of frustrated SJers

Paula (poncho) said...

Change can be so frustrating sometimes can't it. I lost all of my album and favourites - I almost feel like starting from scratch, but I don't know how to delete everything that's already there LOL