Friday, August 04, 2006

Holding Steady

All is well so far. I'm hoping the medicine is doing it's work. Clayton is so cheerful and talkative, no one can believe he's been through another traumatic experience. Talk about the eternal optimist!
And since all is well, I think I'll celebrate with a trip to the scrapbook store.:) I really need to get my stuff together for my next class, and Lisa and I are still doing a lot of brainstorming on the event we want to do in February. We're thinking we might go ahead and have it here in Conway simply because she has a great facility right across the street from the store and there's no sense in moving it to Little Rock if we can pull it off here. We're also thinking I will probably teach two of the classes.:) Kind of nerve wracking and exciting all at the same time! This is what I want to do, but I want my classes to be GREAT, so I'm nervous nellie about teaching at such a big event!


Sarah said...

I'm so glad he's doing okay and that the medication doesn't seem to have any adverse effects. I';; keep him in my prayers.

Sounds like you could definitely use a little retail therapy after the couple of days you've had.

Adrienne said...

Glad he is doing well!!!

And I say go for it!! Have fun at your LSS!!!! Hope all goes well with your classes!

Mary Ann said...

I just wanted to say hi!
I just found your blog today via Scrappers Bliss.
I love all the heartfelt layouts you have done about your son.
I was first drawn to one of your layouts that had your sons name on it, as Clayton is my DH's name, and we NEVER hear the name Clayton!
I called him in from the other room to see the layout. He noticed the oxygen tube your little Clayton had on and asked if I knew why he wore it. I said no, but then started looking at other layouts to see if anything mentioned why. We found your layouts on Scrapjazz that told the story of your boys. I must say those are amazing layouts. We both had tears in our eyes as we went from page to page.
Anyway, I just wanted to say hi to your and your Clayton from me and my DH Clayton!
Mary Ann in So. CA

Oscar T. Grouch said...

exciting, what did you buy?