Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dog Days of Summer

Man, it's hot. And I suppose it's human nature to always want what you don't have, so of course I'm really ready for fall weather. In January, I'll probably be blogging about how I wish it was 100 degrees! At any rate, I would love it if we just actually had a fall season here. It seems like it only lasts two or three days. Maybe this year will be different.
Isn't our Katie pretty? As you can tell, she loves to pose for the camera. Actually, she doesn't like it, which is why we always get a side view of her--she refuses to look at the camera straight on. Weird, but my Mom and Dad's dog is the same way. Must be a dog thing.
Don't have much of anything else to blog about, so I'll go for now. Have a great day everyone!


Oscar T. Grouch said...

I have never met a dog that would look willingly at the camera. I always thought is was cause of seeing what a gun did, and it was held the same as a camera. KWIM?

Hillary said...

What a beautiful dog!

~ RebekahBoo said...

My dog is the same way. He'll look at me till I press the button and turn his head at the last minutes. Dork Dog!!! LOL But I love him anyway. Your dog is so pretty.

ChrissyW said...

ooh she's a beauty!!!!!