Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Diaper Dilemma

Hey all! I'm actually pretty busy these days and it's such a welcome change! The magazine is really taking off as I'm sure you all well know. Clayton's therapy schedule changed this week and it's already hard to get used to. I even think he is confused. I'm frustrated to no end with his diaper situation. He has been wearing size 6 from the store for the longest time even though they were really too small. Now that he's three, insurance will pay for his diapers. But even though I know there are a gazillion kids out there in his same situation, no one can seem to locate a diaper that fits him! Even at the hospital they brought us adult small. ??? We had a choice of size 5 or adult small. You would think a Children's Hospital would have more choices. And now the medical supply guy is on a search for some and he finally sent some today. Guess what? They would fit me! Ugh. I don't know why these things are such a mystery! I'm sure hoping we'll find something soon as Clayton is probably tired of tight diapers.
I've really got to jet for now--lots of stuff going on . . . busy signing everyone up for their FREE copy of Classy Scrapper!


Tanya said...

Hey Ashley-
I just "caught up" on reading your blogs....we got back from vacation.
I am so excited about the magazine deal, good luck!
Love you,

S.E. Luttrell said...

Hey Ashley,

I read about your dilemma, an did a little bit of looking online. I found a website:

They have a link about youth diapers...maybe that will help.


Cassandra said...

Now how does one get a copy of Classy Scrapper???? You know you can count on me to subscribe!!!

carrie*postma said...

That is frustrating about the diapers. I will say a little prayer for that dilemma.

Oscar T. Grouch said...

what about the good nites ones.
the ones for kids that still wet the bed at night. they go up to age twelve don't they.

Amy Chomas said...

What a pain. Seems like always in life what should be easy is often not so easy. Speaking of diapers, need to change Jacks, he just peed through, AGAIN, UGH!